About Me

Wendy2Wendy Chorot is a professional editor and award-winning writer.  She has coached both beginning and published authors. She has been on the editing staff at Inspiration for Writers since 2004.  Wendy specializes in adult and children’s fiction. She also has plenty of experience with non-fiction projects such as memoirs, self-help books and how-to books.


Wendy’s editing is awesome!

I’m so happy because now my story sounds the way I imagined it in my mind but couldn’t quite manage to say on my own. I liked how you snipped and clipped and polished the scenes–those multiple deletes have liberated my soul! I also liked the way you place the recipe for the orange at the end of the story, rather than in the middle, and making the orange scene at the end tie in nicely with the cooking scene. You don’t miss a thing, girl. And your comments are motivating. Thanks for being such a consistent, on-the-ball editor.

~ Reem Said, Ontario, Canada

Not only did Wendy clean up my work

with a professional and perceptive touch, she helped spruce up my writing by gently offering tips and articles on how to advance my skills. She’s a class act; someone I look forward to working with again.

~ Russell Victorian, former newspaper publisher and author of Yellow Knife

As a published author,

I depend on Wendy to be my extra pair of eyes. She sees what I don’t. Right now, she’s helping me with a Victorian romance called Elegance and Grace. She provides the elegance and grace needed to write good prose. I’d be lost without her. Thank you, Wendy!

~ Alexandra Blake