Services & Rates

Line-by-line content edit

A line-by-line content edit will:

  • Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Correct and/or mark passive voice (eliminating, where possible, “helping” verbs such as “should,” “could,” and “began to”)
  • Point out passive verbs (“was,” “were,” etc.) and change to active verbs when possible
  • Mark redundancies
  • Suggest alternative wording, when appropriate
  • Suggest alternative sentence construction, where appropriate, to keep your prose sharp
  • Make suggestions on improving plot, characterization, and dialogue
  • Suggest adding, deleting, or moving text, when appropriate
  • Evaluate your manuscript, pointing out strong points and areas that need improvement

Rates are $.03 per word.


  • Proofreading will examine a manuscript and mark corrections for grammar and spelling errors. It will also check for inconsistencies in formatting.

Rates are $.012 cents per word.

Diagnostic Reading

  • A diagnostic reading will give you a detailed overview of your manuscript, pointing out strengths and weaknesses in plot, characterization and story flow.

Rates are $2 per single-sided, double-spaced page (of approx. 250 words). Minimum 200 pages.

What I will do:

  • Provide a free sample edit.
  • Give constructive criticism that you can use to better your prose without tearing you down.
  • Focus on basic craft elements: showing vs. telling, dialogue, interior monologue, beats, point of view, repetition, attributions, pacing, voice, etc. Of course, I will also check grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Show you the proper formatting that editors and agents expect to see in a manuscript.
  • Offer advice and suggestions on where to find trustworthy agents and publishers.
  • Answer questions and be available for follow-up help after the edit.

What I won’t do:

  • I won’t do copy-editing; however, I can refer you to excellent editors who do.
  • I don’t do “one size fits all” editing. I tailor each editing job to my clients. Each book is unique, each style and each voice.
    I can’t promise that you will be published, or if your story is great, I can’t promise that it will become a best-seller. The market is very subjective. Some books run that weren’t expected to walk and other books die that were expected to live.
  • I don’t edit poetry, erotica or anything that has to do with Satanism. I reserve the right to refuse any manuscript.

Submissions & Guidelines:

  • Electronic submissions only.
  • Please send your manuscript as an attachment in Microsoft Word. If you don’t have Microsoft Word, then use Rich Text Format (RTF).
  • Do not put your manuscript in the body of an email.

All prices are in USD.

A minimum fee of $45 applies to short stories, children’s stories, and articles (anything 1500 words or less).